Welcome to the Bregaglia Valley

Simply Authentic

Bregaglia is an idyllic alpine valley that connects the canton of Graub√ľnden, to the North, with Italy, to the South ( Maloja 1815 m-Chiavenna 333 m ). Steep, elegant granite mountains and beautiful forests protect the small villages rich in art and history. Bregaglia is a paradise for hikers and mountains climbers, but also a quiet refuge for artists. In Bregaglia, the time passes slowly, at exactly the right pace for people wantig to escape the hectic daily life. There is a remarkable change in vegetation, from the hight alpine lakes to the Mediterranean climate further down the valley. Below dramatic mountain peaks, historic trails with breathtaking views wind their way through centuries-old chestnut groves, deciduos, romantic fir forests and isolated pastures. The unspoiled authentic landscape offers countless excursions and the opportunity to get to know a fascinating culture. Bregaglia's unique landscape is the birthplace of Alberto Giacometti and has always been the home and inspiration for numerous artists, including Giovanni Segantini and Varlin. The Maira River , known as " the powerful one", flows through the valley, fed by brooks and streams. It is a silent witness to the long and sometimes troubled history of this valley. Although Bregaglia is still geographically a part of Switzerland, the language, warmth and cordiality of the people gives the valley an Italian touch.



The camp is regenating, find your youht and go camping ! Welcome to the campsite Maloja!




We all need a return to nature every now and than and we all want to have a break from our daily routine, here's what can do for you. Welcome to the campsite Mulina in Vicosoprano.