Handicrafts and Flavours

Generation to generation


In the old villages of Bregaglia one discovers traditions and authentic flavors, the ones that have been passed down through generations and continue to please.

In Bregaglia, there are many active artisans offering a varied assortment of high quality handmade objecrs and products. Watching the atrisans create their works is a wonderful way to gain insight into the Bregaglian culture. Hand-painted ceramics, wooden toys and wrought iron pieces are only a few of the local handicrafts made. The numerous culinary specialties available are exceptional.

In the restaurants, grocery stores and pastry shops there are delicious chestnut specialties, such as cakes and cookies and noodles and gnocchi made with chestnut flour. Focaccia and panforte, a type of fruit cake, are two types of dessert specialties. Another highly recomendable sweet is the delicious local honey. There is nothing like taking a break in a flowering alpine meadow and snacking on a local aged cheese or "mascarpel" (a fresh, young, local goat cheese) accompanied by some artisanal sausage or the renowned "B├╝ndnerfleisch", a type of regional air-dried meat. After too many local specialties, a Bregaglian after dinner drink of bitters or chestnut schnapps might do the trick.

As a result of an overall commitment to sustainability, many local Bregaglian products are organic.



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