A call for spring


In Bregaglia Valley, "Calendimarzo" is a day of celebration where people say good-bye to the long, severe winter and welcome the spring.

During Roman times, before the introduction of the Julian calendar, the 1st of March represented the first day of the year and was celebrated with offerings and purificatory rites. Calendimarzo recalls ancient pagan festivals celebrating the rebirth of nature. Early in the morning, all the children and youth of the valley dress up in traditional peasant costumes decorated with colorful paper flowers and prepare to celebrate "Chalandamarz" in teir respective villages. They all carry a cowbell around their neck, the bigger the better, and walk around ringing the bells to scare the evil winter spirits away. Some also blow the alphorn or beat a drum. Together, they form a multi-colored, flag waving procession that periodically stops in small town plazas and in front of houses to sing the traditional "Chalandamarz" songs, welcoming the spring. In exchange, they receive candy and money from the onlookers. Traditionally, chestnuts and cream are served for lunch.

In the afternoon, the children continue their procession through the villages while the youth gather together for the Chalendamarz ball. Chalendamarz is also celebrated in Engadin, Mustair Valley and Bivio.

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