Wolf and Bear


Once upon a time, the Bregaglia forests had a wolf, actually several wolves. These wolves had a price on their heads and soon (in the mid-19th century) they all disappeared.

In 2001, once again there was a wolf in Bregaglia, one who had crossed over the border from Italy. Unfortunately, he killed too many sheep (23 sheeps, 37 lambs, 1 goat and 5 stags). As a result, it was decided that the wolf needed to be killed.

On 29 September 2001, just outside of Bregaglia, between Fedoz Valley and Fex Valley, the wolf was killed by a Graubünden hunter, at an altitude of 2200 meters (7218 ft.). The 3-4 year old wolf weighed about 42 kilos (93 pounds) and was 1.18 meters long (3 feet) and 65 centimeters high (2 feet).

In the Ciäsa Granda, he is exhibited next to the last Bregaglian bear, shot in 1867. Who knows, perhaps one day these great hunters will appear again, despite the sheep's disapproval, man will leave them alone.


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